Collaborative Success

Two music videos produced through a collaboration between COM 431 and COM 432 (spring ‘22) and COM 431 and COM 328 (fall ‘23) have won Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Student Festival of Media Arts Awards.

Group of students with clap board

"Movin' On"

This music video, made in collaboration with musician Drea D'Nur, won first prize in the Music Video category. The song is by Drea D'Nur and Rami Nashashibi. 

Made in Professor Ruth Goldman's spring ‘22 COM 431 course and edited in Professor Dorothea Braemer's COM 432 course. 

Directed by Steven Clare and R.J. Marshall and produced by Joana Leamon and Britt Schinzel. The cinematographer was Kyle Evans. It was edited by Joe Scordo. Several local media professionals, including production designer and alumni David Butler, worked on set with the students. 

The dance was choreographed by Dominic Giambra and the dancers, Zhanna Reed and Damario Burks, are Buffalo State alumni. 

The music video was filmed over two very long days on a 20,000-foot sound stage at Buffalo FilmWorks.

Group of students in front of art wall

"There Is Power"

This music video, made in collaboration with musician Michael Solo Farrow won an award for excellence. The music video will drop later this spring.

Made in Professor Ruth Goldman's fall ‘23 COM 431 course and edited in Professor Meg Knowles' COM 328 class. 

Directed by Kaelie Pabon and Ethan Taylor-Sweet, produced by K.J. Zielezinski and Armando Giangreco-Marotta and filmed by Alexandria Donnelly and David Lauriano. Edited by Zoe Goñez and Nastassya Palkhouskaya. 

The following Buffalo State grads mentored students: Kyle Evans (Camera) , Joana Leamon (Producing), David Butler (Production Design/Art Department) , Steven Clare (Directing), Samantha Pangborn (Directing)